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CellOptima™ Assurances

Expert management of your baby’s cord lining

Exclusive and Patented Technology

Cord lining, in contrast to Wharton's jelly from cord tissue, contains two types of cells: Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) and Cord Lining Epithelial Stem Cells (CLEpSCs).

Cordlife is the only cord blood bank in Singapore that is allowed to store the lining of your baby's umbilical cord. Your baby's cord lining will be processed and stored using CellOptima™ technology, which includes a special culture medium that can both accelerate cell expansion and maintain cell quality. This patented technology is only available exclusively at Cordlife. With CellOptima™, we can assist you in making the most of your child's precious resources.

MSCs were first discovered in bone marrow more than 20 years ago. Scientists later discovered that Wharton’s jelly from the umbilical cord contains MSCs as well. A doctor and a scientist from Singapore who won an award recently made big changes in the world by discovering two powerful types of stem cells in the lining of the umbilical cord: MSCs and CLEpSCs. The Cambridge and Stanford University-trained duo developed CellOptima™, a one-of-a-kind technology for harvesting and multiplying stem cells from cord lining. Because of this important discovery, the team has obtained more than 40 patents from 40 countries, including the United States, Europe, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

With CellOptima™, you will receive the following assurances:

Optimal Condition Assurance

Using CellOptima™ proprietary cell biomarker verification, your baby’s cord lining will be tested after four weeks of cryopreservation. During this step, small pieces of frozen cord lining will be thawed and tested to see if the cells are still alive and can grow. This step of checking is important because it helps make sure that your baby's umbilical cord lining was stored correctly and can be used for medical treatments in the future. The objective of this process is to validate the following:

  • Cell type/s confirmation using MSCs and/or CLEpSCs biomarkers
  • Cell viability
  • Cell proliferation also known as the ability to multiply further
  • Cord lining sterility
Quality Storage Assurance

Your baby’s cord lining will be stored in its original, unexpanded raw form. By not manipulating the cord lining immediately, we can maintain the stem cells’ original characteristics, and your family will get greater access to:

  • The potential of harvesting other undiscovered cell types (besides MSCs and CLEpSCs)
  • A higher purity of cells upon stem cell expansion
  • More advanced stem cell expansion techniques that may be available in the future